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Out of date app

This app has info from 4 years ago the marine corps orders here are out of date, its total garbage. Your better off just looking online. Don’t waist your money on an app we’re the makers won’t even waist their time to update the info on their own app.

Version update?

Is there going to be a new version update or server redone? This was an amazing app, and could still be utilized!

Constantly Update

Needs to be constantly updated.

Height and Weight

Please update the Height/WeightStandards. It is wrong here and on the majority of the websites on which I looked them up. Even very reliable ones. Take the lead, iCorps!

This needs to be fixed

This could be a great app if somebody would look down this line of comments and took action on those issues. I had the old app which worked great. Ribbon rack feature does need some work, and needs to be updated with OIR medal and be able to put on stars and other ribbon devices. It just seems like one day somebody stopped caring about the app and it has been left alone, that’s fine for a free app but not okay for all of us that purchased it.

Green Weenie

Thanks for making me have to purchase this again in order to update. Your customers appreciate the support and see where your heart truly lies. Semper Fi

Update App

Bring back the ribbon stack display and also awards needs to be updated such as the Operation Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal.

Small writing

While there is good information, the writing is too small and pop up windows are hard to navigate. Ribbon builder doesn’t show the rack assembled and is only for people who haven’t served in more than one service. Needs work


Literally doesn't fully support everything for every branch

Why pay again for nothing new??

Had to pay again to access the app which appears to have changed very little. It's good for what it does however people that have paid for the previous version should not be charged twice for the same product.

Fix the ribbon rack option already

Y'all have had plenty of time to fix the ribbon rack option. The old app worked perfectly. . .what gives?


Everything I use on it works. Except the ribbon rack doesn't show me what my stack looks like.


I find it very useful.

After review

After being in the app longer I found that really nothing works properly. Something as simple as the EAS count down doesn't work and the PFT/CFT calculators are 100% useless. Previously I said that I didn't like the new ribbon rack because it took away the option of building one. It's really annoying to have the option that says "ribbon rack" in the top corner if it doesn't work. Well. Enough from me. Tip to editor of the app. Make it the way it was.... it worked


Already paid for this app, why did I have to pay again? Also, fix the ribbon rack. Still doesn't work right and still doesn't include the new Iraq ribbon.

Ribbon rack was way better on previous version.

Fix the ribbon rack yo

Blue falcon

I paid for the first app so why am i paying for an update? What a ripoff.

Male PFT

There is a problem with the calculation of the Male pft saying 120 crunches 20 pull ups and 18:00 is a fail. More errors with calculations but that one stuck out the most


The female PFT calculator gives you 100 points for a 30:58 minute run time, 40 points for a 21:00 minute run time and 0 points for a 18:00 minute run time. The point system is definitely inaccurate

I've used it for year and I have 1 suggestion

Please bring back the award order of precedence. I like the new version in that it's less clunky, but I like being able to see the stack in the correct order. I recommend adding medals as others have suggested AND adding devices that display on the rack/medals.

Not worth it

This app hasn't really grown at all over its tenure. You would think there would be a desire to add content and improve the app consistently, but even in updates it appears to step backward. The only thing which really changes is the maradmin feed and ribbon rack, and neither have been for the better. What is the point of all of the other app content if you don't keep it current? To say this app is perfect for Marines and future Marines is a real stretch. Anything this app has can be found on google and it will work way better than the app itself. Finally time to put old iCorps out to pasture..."like my nana."

Ribbons and Medals

It would be a good idea to go back to the original ribbon layout where you can see how the ribbons would look on the uniform. Otherwise, the ribbon section serves no purpose other than describing each ribbon and it does not help anybody with putting together their ribbons anymore. Which was the main purpose everybody was using it, if you have not noticed this. Also it would be very helpful as well adding how medals would look on the uniform and if there is no medal for a corresponding ribbon then show both medal and ribbon as if it would be on dress blue alphas. Or for the senior weirdos, show how the medals would go on the senior dress blue alphas with the small ribbons. Thanks guys!

New awards set up is dumb

The new set up is dumber than a PFC fresh out of boot camp. I liked the way you would see how your stack would look. Also you should make a option to see how your metals would look.

Why the new $$$

Had to pay for this app again, I've had it for year and it's awesome but why pay again? You know we don't get an allowance for that!

Incorrect PFT calculator

Great ap overall! The PFT standards calculator for the females is incorrect. The close I get to the max time (21mins) the lower the score.

A must-have for Marines

This is the app the Marine Corps should have given all of us when we joined. There is no better repository for all of the different information sources that we use on a frequent basis. This is worth it just to have the PFT and CFT calculator with you all the time. I particularly like the ribbon rack future as well.


Glad to see the PFT and CFT calculators have been updated. Great app. Incredibly helpful.

Don't Marine Corps with out it

From cadences to knowledge to MarAdmins - this app keeps me competitive and in the game.

Love it, but one suggestion!

I have used this for as long as I have been in and it has been my first stop on Marine Corps references and materials. However, please update the PFT calculator to the new Maradmin. It's my most used feature and I'm sure all of the users will be needing it this year! Thanks!

This has been getting me ready for basic

I've been using this tool for 20 minutes a day for the last couple months and it really helps. I've memorized most of my knowledge and learned about some bad a** marines as well! I would recommend this app to anyone in, or training to become a Marine.

Weight standards

Whole new app and female weight standards still aren't updated

Little bug

I've always enjoyed the edge this app gives me, the CFT calculator reflects the new standards however the PFT calculator has some computing issues with a perfect score of 300 still being determined a "fail." Fix that and its great!


When are you going to add "0372" roadmap and device?

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